Quality Policy

"Delighting our customers beyond expectation through continuous improvement with innovative quality products and services that perform reliably over time"

Factory Certifications

ABRALCO has been awarded the highest international quality and environmental certifications, including ISO 9001:2008.

Ten Guiding Quality Principles 

  1. The customer is the judge of our Quality. His or her opinion of our products and services is paramount. The Customer defines our Quality.
  2. Our Quality goal is to be defect free and provide industry leading reliability. Zero Defects is the Goal!
  3. Not only do our Customer assess the quality of our products, but also the quality of our services. Deliveries must be on time. Quality includes service Quality not just product Quality.
  4. Inquires, offers, samples and complaints must all be dealt promptly and thoroughly through ownership. It is imperative that agreed and committed deadlines be met. Must meet our commitments, no exception.
  5. Each and every employee in the company contributes to achieve our quality goal through continuous effort and training. Every employee plays a role in Continuous Improvement.
  6. All work must be without defects from the very beginning. The standard of quality can be attained by completing standardized process, which assures not only improvement in the quality level, but also effects cost optimization. Do it right the 1st time all the time (No Rework).
  7. The quality of our products is also dependant upon the quality of sourced parts. We demand the highest quality from our suppliers, and assist them in defining and meeting to our mutual quality goals. Supplier Quality management is important towards meeting our Quality goals.
  8. Prevention by eliminating the cause of a defect is more important than to diminish the defect itself, as defect elimination is effected by preventive methods rather than curative measures. A variety of test methods are employed and strictly applied to detect and prevent potential defects.Focus on prevention rather than detection.
  9. Ensuring achievement of our quality goals is an important management duty. When appraising the performance of our employees, particular emphasis is placed on the quality of their work.Quality should be a key metric of each employee performance appraisal.
  10. Our quality directives are compulsory to everyone in the corporation. Additional specified Customer requirements and expressed or implied expectations will also be our requirements.Compliance to Customer Expectations (not just specifications) is a must.

Key Quality Elements

Our TQM (Total Quality Management) program elements include:

  • Defect prevention rather than detection

  • "Voice of the Customer" and "Voice of the Process" Program (VOC / VOP)

  • Benchmarking

  • Best Known Method (BKM)

  • Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP)

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

  • Total Control Methodology (TCM)

  • Quality Improvement System (QIS)

  • Quality Operating System (QOS)

Our Commitment

By embracing the principles and concepts of a "Total Quality Management" culture, ABRALCO recognizes the need to extend the quest for quality beyond manufacturing. Quality awareness must be inherent in all aspects of our business through new product development, manufacturing, administration, sales and customer service. This understanding also extends beyond the conventional to include our 1st and 2nd tier suppliers where our "Supplier Partnership Program" ensures the availability of quality and cost-effective material and parts.