Extruded alloys

ABRALCO can extrude the majority of 6XXX alloy series in various tempers but most common alloys & tempers used are: EN-AW 6063 (Al Mg0,7Si) DIN 3.2315


Chemical Composition

According to EN 573-3 (EN- AW chemical composition %)

% Composition 60603- Alloy
Mg 0.45-0.90
Si 0.20-0.60
Cr 0.10
Zn 0.10
Fe 0.35
Cu 0.10
Mn 0.10
Ti 0.10
Other Impurities 0.05
Aluminum Remainder



According to EN 515

Alloys and Tempers
6060 6063 6005 6082
T4 T4 T4 T4
T6 T6 T6 T6

O             Annealed wrought alloys
T4           Solution heat treated and naturally aged.
T5           Cooled from an elevated temperature and artificially aged (precipitation hardened)
T6           Solution heat treated and artificially aged (precipitation hardened). Press quenching required.


Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties

Units 6063 6063
Temper   T5 T6
Ult.Tensile Strength N/mm2 150 185
0.2% Proof Stress N/mm2 110 160
Hardness (Brinell) BHN 55 75
Ult. Shear Strength N/mm2 155 155
Elongation on 50mm % 8 8
Density g/cm3 2.7 2.7
Melting Range Deg. C   625-675
Coefficient on linear Expansion X10-6/ Deg.C 23 23
Fatigue Strength N/mm2 75 75
Modulus Elasticity N/mm2 67000 67000


According to EN 755-2* For different wall thicknesses of a given profile, the lowest specified values of properties shall be
considered as valid for the whole profile cross section.
** The values for the HB hardness are indicative only.



The quality control department at ABRALCO abides with the following standards for the production quality control and delivery of aluminum profiles.Aluminium and aluminum alloys- Extruded rod/bar, tubes and profiles 

EN 755-1 Technical conditions for inspection & delivery
EN 755-2 Mechanical properties
EN 755-3 Round bars, tolerances on dimension & form
EN 755-4 Square bars, tolerances on dimension & form
EN 755-5 Rectangular bars, tolerances on dimension and form
EN 755-6 Hexagonal bars, tolerances on dimension and form
EN 755-7 Seamless tubes, tolerances on dimension and form
EN 755-9 Profiles, tolerances on dimension and formExtruded precision profiles for Architecture in alloys
EN- AW 6060 & EN- AW 6063EN- 12020-1 Technical conditions for inspection and delivery (precision profiles)
EN- 12020-2 Tolerances on dimension and form (precision profiles)



Maximum Profile weight: 10.0 kg/m
Minimum Profile weight: 0.07 kg/m
Maximum Profile length (Aged): 16.0 m
Maximum Profile length (Coated): 7.0 m
Minimum Thickness: 0.7 mm
Special sizes under request