Metals traded on the "Open Market" are not traded on any exchange, i.e. LME, NYMEX/COMEX, SHFE, and SGX, and are defined here as metals purchased and sold between companies for physical delivery. Gathering prices for metals traded on the open markets is an art. Our market intelligence team are all veterans of the metal industry who have bought, sold, or traded metal for decades. They understand the nuances and underlying dynamics that is particular to each metal, allowing for independent and objective reporting.

LME Aluminum Prices

LME Aluminum Prices 1 Month
LME Aluminum Prices 3 Month

LME Aluminum Prices 6 Month

LME Aluminum Prices 12 Month

Aluminum Alloy NASAAC

Aluminum Alloy NASAAC 1 Month
Aluminum Alloy NASAAC 3 Month

Aluminum Alloy NASAAC 6 Month

Aluminum Alloy NASAAC 12 Month

Shanghai Aluminum

Shanghai Aluminum 1 Month
Shanghai Aluminum 3 Month

Shanghai Aluminum 6 Month

Shanghai Aluminum 12 Month