ABRALCO has built its latest factory following strict safety, environmental and civil codes. The building covers more than 13,000 square meters and has its own secondary power generation capability. A state of the art fire control system was installed with additional dangerous gases monitoring tools. 

The heart of the ABRALCO facility is in the die shop.  Our three die correction technicians collectively have over 50 years of experience in die correction.  This team is responsible for ensuring that the dies produce high quality extrusions that meet the customers’ specifications.  Many die corrections can be made in-house which reduces lead times and ensures that the customer receives a usable extrusion.

ABRALCO has (3) well maintained and modern presses with the following specs:
4" Press #1, Capacity 660T
5" Press #2, Capacity 880T
7" Press #3, Capacity 2000T